Why You Should Not Be Messing With Your Online Brand Reputation

As the world goes digital and your website becomes the first pit stop for your target consumer market, it is the online reputation that your brand has made over time that comes into play for converting these visitors into customers.


Let’s take into account an instance where you’re looking for some good journals for your new hobby. You want to make sure the journal paper quality is good and the ink won’t blot, no matter how many doodles you draw on it.

The general approach you would take is to Google ‘journals’ to see which stores are selling them and what choices do you have. But then again, is it just one store that you open? Or do you choose to at least see all the options you have before you make a purchase decision? We’re pretty sure, it’s the latter. And that’s where a brand’s reputation comes into play!

A consumer no longer looks at only the list of features that you have listed for a product. They want to know what other customers are saying about it and whether they have had a good experience with the product. Fair enough, right? After all who wants to buy a product that later disappoints!

There’s a very fine line between a brand and its reputation – a brand is what you say you are and how you behave in the market; your reputation is what others say about you or perceive about your products based on previous interactions or market competition comparison.

brand reputation

If you think delivering good products and services, and keeping your existing customers happy doesn’t require you to look into what others are saying about your brand online, think again. Here’s taking a look at some of the reasons why online brand reputation should matter to your business.

It has a direct impact on consumer behaviour 

You can’t possibly be keeping each of your customers ‘very happy’. There are going to be times when you just can’t keep up with a customer’s expectations but that doesn’t mean you lose out on reputation – especially when there are others who love your products and services!

According to a report by Weber Shandwick, your online reputation hampers the consumer behaviour of even those who like your products and services. If they see that your brand has a negative reputation with customers like him online, there 40% of them who will simply stop buying the product from you. 34% of them will look for what other products your brand offers and maybe even stop purchasing those.

Now if you made sure your online reputation wasn’t bad at all, you wouldn’t be losing out on as many sales!

brand reputation consumer action

It has a direct impact on your business sales 

Continuing on our point above, if your business has a reputation of offering products and services that have satisfied customers over the years, your prospects become more likely to try them too. Simply put, if your friend purchased a journal from a brand and recommended it to you, wouldn’t you make them your first choice because their products have proven to be good?

Similarly, all those reviews and comments that people are dropping online for your brand serve as digital recommendations. And a whooping 72% of consumers trust them as much as they would trust a recommendation from a friend.

online recommendations for brands

When you manage your online reputation, you make sure all the negative reviews and comments are being addressed in a way that doesn’t hamper your relationship with customers and prospects. It gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as a customer-first business, giving a boost to your sales.

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It helps you rank better on search engines 

Since a consumer’s first instinct is to search for products and services he is looking for online, it is important that you have the search engine on your side. And let’s face it, search engines aim at offering ‘the best’ solutions to the internet user – which means a brand with negative online reputation, isn’t ever going to rank in the first few pages.

Good ratings, reviews, feedback and comments from customers can go a long way in building your online reputation. So make sure that the number of negative reviews don’t ever exceed the positive ones. Let your prospects know of your good side, a few bad experiences shouldn’t get your brand blacklisted in other customer lists!

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Think managing your online reputation and keeping a tab on what customers or prospects are saying about your brand, is too much work? Well, it is. But it definitely goes a long way when it comes to growing your business in an ever expanding digital market.

If setting aside a few hours every day to ensure your reputation remains positive on online mediums can stop your target consumer market from choosing your competitors, we don’t think it’s all that bad a deal.

Want to know more about how you can protect your business from negative reviews and never let your image waver in front of your customers?

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