Why You Should Be Creating Landing Pages For Your Marketing Campaigns

Landing pages are considered an inefficient asset by B2B marketers as they only want to focus on the essentials for higher conversion rates. Shocked? Yes, that’s right! But do you think it is completely wise to ignore the potential of a landing page? I don’t think so. Here me out:

Today, the success of a marketing campaign is dependent on multiple elements – social media posting, email marketing, conducting webinars, running Google ads, etc. etc. Of course – marketers tend to focus on these elements more than any other but that’s not all!

They must also do a bit of website marketing – which in this case is to build a landing page. Often treated as an afterthought by marketers, only 48% of them build a landing page especially for a marketing campaign. And if B2B companies do have landing pages, they are six or less than that in number on the entire website.

A report by MarketingSherpa states that 44% of clicks for B2B businesses are directed to the homepage. Not cool!

Landing pages provide more lead converting opportunities – which means a higher chance for conversions, and it is really said that marketers fail to notice that! Since marketing campaigns are so focused, it makes, even more, sense to have a separate page dedicated to it on the website just so that it is easy for your audience to engage and participate in the campaign.


Just look at the graph shared above – you have the proof right in front of your eyes. You cash in on more leads just by having lots of landing pages scattered all over the website! And it works not only for the B2B companies but also in the B2C spectrum.

Without further ado – let us discover three stellar reasons for creating a landing page for your marketing campaign, so that you can generate maximum leads:

1. It directly supports the business goals

The main aim of a campaign is to reach a niche audience to promote a new product or service, reduce a pain-point by offering a specific service, run a time sensitive discount deal or even increase the number of email subscribers.

Really – the main aim of your campaign could be anything, but it must always have a purpose. How is that related to landing pages, you ask?

This way your page can be designed around specific actions that are required to serve that “purpose”. Through a proper layout, you can ensure the consumers do exactly you want them to do – such as subscribe to a newsletter, avail a limited-period offer, sign up for a newly launched service, etc.

Now you tell me – how would you be able to achieve these goals if you had a comprehensive website instead? Since the design and content of a landing page are more goal-oriented, it becomes a tad easier for the marketers to make the consumers focus on what they want them to focus on.

Ever heard of “one value proposition at-a-time”? Well, that’s what marketers want their target audience to focus on. Poached, for instance, is a niche job portal for the food and drinks industry. Just look at the web page – it is so colorful and detailed yet is able to guide the consumers to take an action quickly.

It may not be a marketing campaign example, but it is design and content tone is worth a visit when you actually create a campaign!



The example from Milk Life mentioned above combines statistics with geolocation data to make aware its page visitors about their work – subtly nudging them to “make a donation”.

2. It enables more personalization

How can one landing page appeal to people from different demographics, age groups, interests, genders, etc? The truth is it can’t. In an age of hyper-personalization, where the consumers really prefer to be marketed on a one-to-one basis, it becomes all the more necessary for marketers to make sure the consumers are not generalized in any which way.

Now you tell me – would you like to spend on a web page (landing page) which speaks to a million other potential customers? Of course, not! Even if the messaging is on fleek and the design is excellent, you would still prefer to do something on a page that literally speaks to you.

To justify my point – 56% of customers are more likely to buy from a business if their experience with you is personalized. So if you attract different groups with pages tailored specifically to them and their needs, the chances of them converting them will automatically increase because you have addressed them directly.

Take Bills.com – a US-based providing personal financial services to individuals, for instance. It asks three separate questions to its website visitors sparking interest and curiosity – after all, dealing with personal finances is no joke! A landing page doesn’t need to be static. It can interactive and engaging.




In these examples, Bills.com allows its visitors to engage with the business as soon as they land on the website. Whatever the responses are, a visitor will be tempted to reach out to them to fix his or her finances. And that is how a new lead is generated!

3. It generates data and insights for the business

You may have Google Analytics for your website in place. But for a marketing campaign, studying the data becomes even more important. First of all, it helps track user behaviour. When you have a landing page for a specific campaign, it allows you to see which channels are bringing in the most visitors.

If the page comprises a form, you can use that information to know more about the visitors, their pain points, how you can resolve them, etc. After all – you want to know why or why not your marketing campaign worked, isn’t it?

You can then use those insights and apply them in your strategy so that the next campaign is super effective and helps you to achieve the desired goals.

Convinced and pumped up? Create a landing page!

Now that you agree with me on the benefits of having landing pages for marketing campaigns, why don’t you actually get started on one? Of course – there are multiple solutions to help build a page and may leave you overwhelmed. Don’t worry – Team Contensify personally recommends a tool to you.

We have used Instapage in the past to make a high converting landing page for one of our campaigns. It involves an easy set-up process, offers beautiful design templates and even has a super efficient support team on standby.


It is a pretty easy tool for creating landing pages in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Go SIGN UP now!

Need some help to kickstart your marketing campaign? You have come to the right place! Please send us a “hello” on this email hello@contensify.com and we will get back to you in a jiffy!

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