Why Google Plus Is An Asset To Marketers & Small Businesses

I will be honest. Google Plus has always been a mystery to me. Sometimes I just wonder why it even exists! I often ask myself, “Is it from an SEO point of view?” I guess so. “Is it important for brands and individual professionals?” Apparently! I am quite sure you are also in the same boat as I am.

When it was launched in 2011, Google Plus was touted as “Facebook’s alternative”. However, in the last 5 years, the networking channel has become more of a place for businesses to make posts and gain visibility, and less of a social rival to Facebook.



The point is Google Plus has helped businesses to top the search engine, and since Google owns a staggering 68% of all search engine shares in the market and Google+ is its commodity – the reason is pretty obvious.

Moving forward, let’s understand how Google Plus can be a tremendous asset to marketers and businesses:

1. Your business can be easily listed.

Yes – if you haven’t noticed this ever, now is the time to give it a good look. So if you are in the process of getting your local business listed, you should perhaps get it up on Places listing as well, which integrated with Google some time back.



The good thing is Google always gives preferences to those listings whenever a city is entered into the search bar. Now when a Google Places listing is clicked, the visitor gets directed to a “Google+ Local Page” – which should be filled out by the business to take him or her to the right place.

A profile photo, business cover photo, about information, links, etc. are some of the basic tabs you should fill for best results.

2. Your business website gets an instant SEO boost.

That’s true, and we have already explained the reason in brief! Google+ was made by keeping SEO in mind – which is why it has always had an upper hand on this, unlike social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.


So yes – your Google+ posts are crawled and indexed, and hence have the ability to build PageRank while posts on other social media channels are lost forever because of the lack of this advantage. From URLs and title tags to anchor text – literally everything is indexed on Google+. No wonder, it is easy for businesses to get maximum visibility if they post frequently on the platform.


3. Social sharing and search rankings are correlated.

Expert Survey and Correlation Data published on Moz.com states there is a positive correlation between sharing posts on Google+ and Google rank. It’s based on a simple assumption that quality content gets shared more often – and I agree with this point.

So if you haven’t been posting frequently on this platform, make sure you do, and not just any random post. Maintain a consistent number of posts to be rolled out on a daily basis and focus on the quality also.



If you are aiming for a strong social media strategy, this might be one the key points to follow.

4. Its feature Hangouts is pretty awesome.

It is! Even when nothing sort of worked for Google+, people did start noticing (and using) Hangouts for a far more personal and visual interaction with their audience. It is a game changer – believe it or not!

Like I said, all businesses should use the video feature to build rapport with clients & potential customers. Even though it does consume a lot of time, money and efforts – the results are phenomenal!


A fantastic upgrade of the same is “Hangouts On Air” which allows you can broadcast live discussions & performances to the world through your Google+ home page & YouTube channel. You can also edit & share a copy of the broadcast.

Just add proper keywords in the title, body and tags and you increase your chances of getting indexed properly. Seems like a win-win situation to me!

I am sure these points are enough to convince your business to take a dive into Google+ marketing – they sure did convince me! And if you need help to create a social strategy, contact Contensify and we will be more than happy to help!

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