Twitter Removes The 140 Character Limit. Here’s What It Means For Marketing!

One of the complaints that most Twitter users have had is the 140 character limit that restricts them to express what they feel or what they want to convey. The same holds true for businesses. While they understand how important the social media channel is for marketing, they always face a challenge when it comes to getting their value proposition across to their target audience.

With this welcome change stepping in, here’s what it means for marketing!

What does the removal of 140 character limit mean?

Twitter has removed the 140 character limit on tweets by excluding photos, gifs and quote tweets from the main message. This gives marketers a lot more space for writing their message or explaining their marketing campaign. Although the links you share in the tweet, will continue to be counted in the number of characters.

What does it mean for marketing?

Well, let’s just say that the good news is – you can explain yourself, what your business does, what it offers and how your target audience can benefit from it a lot better. Now you don’t need to be cryptic with your approach and can experiment with different words to get your message across – after all, you need to do whatever it takes to effectively reach your target market.

Here’s taking a look at some things that will change in marketing thanks to Twitter’s change:

You can use simpler words and longer statements

When marketing, it is always important to use the simplest of words and avoid all the industry jargon. But with a character limit, marketers often ended up using short slangs or cryptic jargons in their messages. And sometimes it often led to them creating a series of messages marked as part 1, part 2 and so on.

Imagine reading this article..(part 1)

..(part 2) in separate parts amongst..

..(part 3) all the other tweets being shared

..(part 4) isn’t it difficult to keep up with?

Now with the limit removed, at least I can write all the parts above together! Now tell your audience what your business offers in one go. Use another tweet to maybe put forward another aspect of your business that would draw the target audience’s attention!

You can include more visual content

Since graphics and gifs are no longer counted in the tweet length, you can include more of visual content to support your message – without having to worry about cutting short your message! Visual content is processed 80 times faster by our brains; so it is definitely a good news for those businesses who have been having a problem getting their value proposition across.


You can handle customer concerns easily

Every time a disturbed customer tweeted out to a business, marketers and customer support representatives had to quickly try taking the conversation to DMs’ or emails. One, because they didn’t want a negative review to linger online for two long and second because risking confusing the unsatisfied customer with cryptic replies would only make it worse.

Now whether you’re thanking a customer for sharing a good review or replying to a concern, you can be rest assured you’re getting your message across properly!

You can engage better with your leads

It is important to engage with those people from your target market who have shown interest in your business – before one of your competitors does! DMs’ have never been an effective way to carry forward a conversation with leads. It usually led to exchanging just a few messages, and then everything getting lost in the volume.

Using the new length of tweets, you can effectively tweet out messages to interact with your leads – before they fall out of the sales cycle.

You can establish an authority

Since quotes too are not counted in the tweets you retweet, you certainly have an opportunity to add insightful information to trending content on the channel. This will help you establish an authority in your niche and the rapport of someone who believes in adding more value to their target audience.


Although, to execute this effectively, you will need social listening tools in place right from the beginning to track all the conversations closely and identify those that are relevant to your business, and offers you an opportunity to market.

Yes, a simple change from Twitter is opening up a whole lot of opportunities for businesses when it comes to effectively marketing to their target audience.

What else do you think does this change bring in to the digital industry?

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