Tips To Write User-Friendly Content Like A Pro

The biggest problem for a content writer is to continuously churn content that people actually want to read. The digital pool has become so vast that replenishing it with fresh content on a minute-basis is quite a challenge. But you, as a content writer, would know that!

The problem rises not when you have to write clickbait articles, but when you have to write stuff that fulfills the reader’s immediate demands. If only writing “well-researched”, “quality” articles was as easy it sounds!

So how can you write content that is not only informative and shareable but also user-friendly? By following these six points:

1. Create a content framework

If you try to add lots of stats, case studies and infographics in one article, you are going to have a mess in your hands. The best way to organize the information is to structure the points you want to elaborate.


Write down the article in the form of points. Once you know the flow of the article, it will be easier for you to make some real points without wavering in your thoughts. How you prefer to make an outline is entirely up to you. All you have to ensure is you strike the right chord with the readers!

Tip: Jot down the points on a piece of paper before typing them out on your laptop because it’s a more relaxed exercise.

2. Research a lot!

It is impossible to write an informative piece of content if you don’t read content (that’s not created by you) including case studies, e-books and even infographics to form your own opinion in the article.

Start by creating an outline within which you wish to research – because there’s too much information available in the digital space. And you will waste a lot of time if you don’t know which direction you are heading for.


Since you have segmented the article, you can make a focused research for each. Do remember to set a timeline for research: 1 week, 2 days, 3 hours – it is entirely up to you!

Tip: You can outsource the researching bit. If you have a research team working with you, then give them the framework to research on.

3. Create an actionable giveaway

The readers already know what the problem is which is why they have clicked on your article – to get answers! Therefore if your article doesn’t have anything substantial to offer, the purpose is defeated.

So highlight the importance by providing a “why”. Tell them how to solve that problem. Your points should be supported by proper research. Give the readers something to remember your article and refer it to others.


With actionable giveaways, you can build brand loyalty by actually helping your readers and your job is done.

Tip: Make sure the tonality of the giveaway matches your brand message.

4. Write skyscraping content

If you want to get quality links and targeted traffic, then there’s nothing’s better than using the “skyscraper technique”. According to, this is what skyscraping means:

Step 1: Find link-worthy content

Step 2: Make something even better

Step 3: Reach out to the right people


All of a sudden – you have an article that is not only trending but also read and referenced by all! You create an informative article without losing much sweat and oversaturating the digital pool with the same stuff. Everyone wins.

Tip: Use tools such as BuzzSumo and Lumanu to track the trending and most-widely read articles. You can even scan through work your competitors are doing.

5. Remember to link to useful resources

Well – no one expects you to provide first-hand knowledge. It is practically impossible. So whenever present an already published information in your article, don’t forget to cite the source. If you link quality resources, your readers are more likely to read your content.

Citations just add credibility to your content creation. And everyone prefers to read the works of a reliable writer than a publisher who doesn’t give any proper references. Plus, linking to useful resources saves your article from being quoted as “plagiarised”.

Tip: Why don’t you use Copyscape and Plagiarism Checker for a quick scan of your articles for free?

Lastly, don’t forget to publish content on a continuous basis. The more you publish, the better it is! So research, write and publish.

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