The Top 6 Tools You Need To Keep An Eye On Your Brand Mentions

You spend days and nights creating your product or ensuring the service you offer is up-to-the-mark. Then you spend a few more weeks on your branding and marketing it on the right channels, trying to lure the right set of people – those who are more likely to convert on them.

About 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. For that matter, 63% of the consumer market is willing to make a purchase from a site that also showcase rating and reviews from existing customers.

But what happens when these people read negative reviews more than the positive ones for your brand?

You lose all of them!

This is where keeping an eye on the conversations around your brand comes into play. Keeping a tab on what people are saying about you, the reviews they are sharing in their circles and the suggestions they are indirectly making for your brand, can help you quickly resolve the issue and turn them into positive assets.

With the increasing number of digital forums and social media channels, it is practically impossible to keep a tab on what your audience is doing and saying. So here are the top 10 tools that the most successful businesses use to monitor their brand mentions:

1. Mention

A tool that quickly replaced Google Alerts for many, Mention is the smartest way to visualise what your online presence looks like. It allows you to monitor brand mentions across millions of digital platforms and in 42 languages, helping you get insights on your segmented target market instead of an overall look.

brand mentions - mention

You can conduct an online search on the tool to regularly monitor your mentions, or choose to receive emails of the aggregated mentions from the previous day. You can also export the data to a PDF or CSV file to share with the rest of the marketing team.

Another great aspect of this tool is that you can also take a look at what people are talking about your competitor. This will help you collate insights that can give you a competitive edge in the market.

2. Hootsuite

One of the most popular and easy-to-use tool for tracking your brand conversations, is Hootsuite. It tracks all your brand related conversations in real time across all social media platforms, helping you keep a close watch on what people are saying.

hootsuite - brand mentions

The most effective way to make use of Hootsuite is to identify the keywords users associate with your brand, create streams that represent that keyword search for the different social channels you want to monitor.

3. Social Mention

Social mention monitors hundred of social media sites across different demographics on a real time basis to identify conversations around your brand. The insights help marketers create consistent messaging across all their campaigns on the different channels, based on what the target market is saying.

social mention - brand mentions

The tool digs deep into social analytics to measure the four important aspects that make for a brand’s online reputation: strength, sentiment, passion and reach.

4. Google Alerts

One of the oldest and probably the most trusted tools for monitoring brand mentions, is Google Alerts. Apart from keeping a tab on what’s trending on the internet from your interests, you can use the tool to monitor what people and publishers are saying about your brand.

google alerts - brand mentions

You can also use the tool to analyse your competitor’s digital impression, identify influencers in your niche and more. Marketers can also choose to get alerts via emails for the keywords related to your business – this helps you optimize your marketing strategies on-the-go, without missing a beat!

5. HowSociable 

HowSociable is a nifty listening tool that marketers can use to monitor what people are saying about their brand, as well as the competitor. This helps collate comparison data points and identify strategies that could work even better for your brand.

how sociable - brand mentions

The tool functions in a slightly different manner than the others. It breaks down the scores for different social media channels separately, so that you can understand which of them works for your business the best, and which need to be improved on further.

It allows you to track 12 social media sites for free. However if you want to dig even deeper, you can access 24 more by option for a paid account.

6. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a powerful social media software that makes managing multiple social channels and monitoring brand mentions easy. It helps you track conversations in real time, so you can tap into possible opportunities by engaging with the prospects at the right time.

sprout social - brand mentions

The tool also measures the performance of all your social media campaigns and efforts, their impact on what people are saying about your brand and more. It lets you listen for brand mentions as well as hashtags and keywords that are relevant to you, across all social channels.

There are a lot many other tools that you can use for social media listening and keeping a tab on your brand mentions. If you didn’t find something that suits you in this post, fret not!

We’re going to be sharing another list of tools that you can use for keeping watch on your target market really soon. Don’t hit forget to hit subscribe! 🙂

After all, it’s your brand. You don’t want people speaking ill about you!

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