Social Media Customer Engagement Metrics You Need To Measure

Just about every business out there is on social media. After all, it is the place where you need to be if you want to reach out to your target audience – with an average adult using at least two social media profiles for professional and personal uses, pretty obvious right?

But when you’re getting the likes and follow on your page, with just regular management, why should you measure engagement?


Customer engagement = Customer retention = Customer loyalty = Revenue and Referrals = Growth. 

social media customer engagement

Pretty simple to understand why customer engagement is the need of the hour, right?

Customer engagement metrics you should measure

So when you’re not measuring the direct sales you’re getting from social media, what metrics should you be looking at to understand your brand engagement rates? Let us tell you:

1. Activity Time

What is the total time that your ideal customer or target audience spends interacting with your social profiles or the content it has to offer? This metric doesn’t include all those times that your audience is idle; it should account for the typical behaviour consumers have while interacting with web applications, websites, mobile apps, social media and more.

2. Visiting frequency

With so many businesses coming online with their products and services, you need to measure how often your followers are coming back to you. This will also give you an insight into how much value a follower sees in your brand. The main goal here is to be able to understand what value proposition your audience finds the most relevant and interacts with, and ensure great customer service at every visit!

3. Consumer actions

Every social media campaign has a different end goal and a consumer needs to take some core actions in order to achieve them. For example, did he sign up for a free trial, subscribe to your news updates, tag a friend in a post, share the post in his circles, read an article from start to end, comment on an article, join in on a social conversation or more. Based on your business type and social media campaigns, define the core actions that you’d like a typical consumer to take.

Here’s a nifty read that looks into the different metrics you could measure to see how your audience engages with your blog and social media content:

How are marketers measuring customer engagement?

According to the CMO Council, more than a third of marketing executives said that customer lifetime value, revenues per customer and overall revenue increases, were the primary metrics measured for engagement.

customer engagement metrics


There are also marketers who measure campaign metrics such as clicks, conversions, shares, traffic and more to measure a campaign’s engagement rate. While only a few relied on sales related metrics – one of the most important and missed out on metric in everyone’s tactic, is ‘customer service’.

In times when the same consumer is being offered similar products, services and deals from the different businesses, it is the customer service that a brand offers, that makes it stand out from the rest.

The more cared for your customer feels, the more engaged he remains with the brand and the better is your growth graph on social media.

Does anyone look for customer service on social media?

You’ll be surprised to know, that more than half your target audience believes social media is the most effective channel to communicate with a brand, and get their concerns addressed.

social media customer service


What tools can you use?

Now you can’t possibly be sitting down every day to see how your audience is interacting with each piece of content you share. That’s why there are smart tools for smart marketers, and here are the two we absolutely swear by:

1. AgoraPulse

Apart from the simple social media management that the tool enables, AgoraPulse is great for anyone who wants to dig deeper into social analytics. The tool offers insights into the activity of your pages and what your followers are doing. It also then lets you categorise your audience automatically based on their engagement metrics, for better segmentation in marketing campaigns.

all-in-one-agorapulse social media engagement

2. Buffer

Our list is incomplete without Buffer. One of the most popular tools for social media management, the tool also offers nifty insights into how your posts and other pieces of content are performing at different times and on different channels. From understanding when your followers are the most active to identifying what type of content they are looking for, you can do it all with this one tool!

buffer social media engagement


If you want to succeed on social media, you need to know what your audience likes engaging with the most – and when. The closer you are to what they want to see and hear, the great is the engagement rate your brand will experience.

So don’t just keep a tab on how your sales graph is fairing, step back and take a look at how your consumers are interacting with your social brand.

Do you think customer engagement plays a vital role in social media success? What other tools have you made use of to tap into the right metrics?

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