Rethink Your Social Media Marketing Strategy With These Interesting Statistics

Social media has become such an important part of business strategies that not keeping it fresh and new is a sin! The worst part is staying updated with all the developments taking place in the social media world.

There are so many platforms to take care of, so much to learn from brands creating brilliant social media campaigns and voluminous analytical data to study. It is a lot of work for any marketer. But hey – that’s a part of the job and he or she has to excel at it.

So make to a marketers’ job easier, we are sharing six wow-worthy statistics on social media here. This will certainly help them bring a commendable change in their social media strategy:

1. Ad spends to touch $14 billion in 2018

The use of social media has increased over the years and our consumption habits are only skyrocket given that 49% of millennials depend on social media to make a purchase online. Moreover, thanks to ever-evolving algorithms, it has become all the more necessary to pump in some money to see social interaction on various platforms.


So yeah – whatever the companies are going to do to popularize themselves on social media is going to positively impact the ad spends too.

2. Social media marketing tactics concern marketers

And that too 90% of them – at least that’s what a report by Social Media Examiner says! From meeting the advertiser’s expectations to increasing the engagement with the target audience – this huge lot takes the success or failure of the social media strategy seriously.



Moreover – did you know 8% of marketers use brand engagement as an investment metric while 57% use it just to justify the worth of marketing to a business?

3. Snapchat usage for business is only going to increase

We can’t emphasize enough on how Snapchat has become important in the last one year – really! There’s no doubt it offers huge potential for marketers. With 200 million users on board, 900 snaps are shared every second.

Snapchat has effortlessly captured teens and young adults. And now, businesses are now finally capitalizing on its power. From food chains such as McD and KFC to news corporations such as The Guardian and BBC have their official accounts.


Not-so-surprisingly, 28% of marketers want to learn more about Snapchat’s potential. Well, all we can say is “watch this space for more”.

4. Facebook interaction has become mobile only

A report by eMarketer suggests that 47% of Facebook’s 1.59 billion monthly active users were mobile-only by end of 2015. This means that they have never used social media’s blue-eyed boy on a desktop computer or even a laptop!

This is quite a surprise and even throws light on the mobile-addicted millennials whose lives revolve around all things social media. Marketers should clearly make a bigger space for mobile marketing in their strategies because this number is only going to increase with time.

And who knows how much the use of computers will be, for social media at least, in the future!

5. Social media is taken seriously by consumers

We say this because 71% of consumers are likely to recommend a brand to others if the brand gives them a quick response (on anything) on social media. This wouldn’t be the case if the same communication had taken place over emails or on phone (with a service centre personnel).

We are not kidding! We have data to show you:


This may be just for the companies in the US, it still holds true for all businesses who have incorporated social media in their marketing strategies.


6. Internet users have at least 5 accounts on social media

And frankly speaking – that’s a lot of accounts for a single person. But then again – social media has conveniently made way into our lives. But despite the shocking number, there are only 2.82 social media platforms that we most interact on.


Even more shocking – The age group of 16-24 have the maximum number of social media accounts – with the number being close to 6.649. Facebook is the widely used social platform here, closely followed by LinkedIn.

What do you think of these numbers? Share with us your views in the Comments section.

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