Outsource Marketing – Why Startups Need It For Agile Growth

Look around and tell me if I am wrong when I say there are far too many startups coming up, and very limited talent available for hire. The reason being, this talent is either already taken or comes at a cost that your ‘bootstrapped’ startup might not be able to support. This is where outsourcing comes in and here are a few reasons you should consider it when starting your own venture.

What is outsourcing? 

Outsourcing is the process of delegating your startup’s business processes to a third party of external agency. This lets you reap benefits like low cost labor, improved quality of products and service ideation/execution, and more.

For instance, we at Contensify, are outsourced social media and inbound marketing responsibilities by startups across different domains. Be it the education, marketing technology, lifestyle or branding sector, our experts ensure you have a digital strategy that helps you grow sustainably in the market. We work with startups across the world and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly!

The benefits of outsourcing 

While we are going to discuss some of the benefits of outsourcing your startup’s marketing, here’s a nifty infographic we came across on Visual.ly presenting a few:



Top 8 reasons your startup should outsource marketing 

The benefits of outsourcing your services are endless, but here’s taking a look at why marketing is the one section you should outsource right away:

1. Everything is practically digital

Let’s face it, all your major marketing strategies lie on digital media – social networks, partner websites, etc – each of which can practically be managed on the go via mobile devices or can be scheduled for days and days. Now think about it, do you really need someone sitting in office, staring at walls because social media scheduling tools have done his job for an entire week on Monday itself?

Waste of your resources and your hire’s time as well. When you outsource, you have the option to pay an hourly price for services like social media, ad campaigns, blogging, etc. Alternatively, you can set deliverables for each month and settle on a modest amount that suits your budget, without having to compromise on the services.

Outsourcing companies usually have multiple experts working in the back end to get work done, so there is no one person trying to do everything or spending too much time on your work. The ‘split and work’ approach is what makes marketing agencies give packages that suit every startup.

2. Ability to tailor your services 

When you hire someone in-house, you’re required to define their day-to-day role to the t. And that’s exactly what you would be paying to that person for all the time he stays with your startup. There are very few people out there who would step out of their job roles if your startup needs them to – simply because, they aren’t ‘getting paid enough for it’!

It is practically impossible to even customise their salaries every month based on the amount of work they have handled. Imagine the chaos it would create! This is where outsourcing becomes your saviour.

When you outsource, you can tailor the marketing services you require as per the monetary and other resources available to you. For instance, if you want them to work on your website content and focus on blog post that, they can taper your monthly plans accordingly. Similarly, one month you might want them to take care of social media and the other you might want them to focus on SEO only.

3. Easy scaling at optimized budgets 

Your startup isn’t always going to remain bootstrapped. The moment you raise fundings, you will need to up your act at market acquisition and other sales processes. This in turn leads to startups hiring more professionals in-house to take care of those processes. But the truth is, you don’t just pay for their 9 to 5 presence in your office, but also their accommodation and transport, indirectly.


If you’re trying to optimize your budgets while scaling, outsourcing is what comes handy. The professionals you higher in this scenario work with others under them, micro and macro managing tasks, reducing the overall operational costs.

So you can practically scale your startup without having to worry about scaling your in-house team, looking for a space to have them all together and your monthly spend.

4. Opportunity to tap into a global database

Most marketing outsourcing companies work with brands and businesses across the world. This gives their professionals an added advantage of understanding different demographics, market scenarios and industry status.

When you align yourself with a marketing agency, you’re hence able to tap into their global database and the knowledge they have garnered over time. To execute their tasks effectively and efficiently, outsourced professionals put everything they have learnt so far on the table and are also able to give you insights into aspects you might not be aware of.

5. Freeing up internal resources and time

When you startup, you need to create a set roadmap to take your product/service to the market. And to do so effectively, you will need to surround yourself with those who can add value to each of the processes, brainstorm on ideas and help you build the same.


Now consider a scenario where you are wrecking your brain over how to create a better dashboard for your tool. You, your co-founder and your developer are sitting together, and you think it is a great opportunity to brainstorm. Your co-founder is busy making a pitch deck and your developer is still trying to figure out how to make social media work for you. You end up having no one in-house to discuss your growth with.

Outsourcing helps you free up internal resources for the more critical tasks that a startup needs to execute for market growth. No one really needs to worry about whether social media has been scheduled, the blog post was written or not – you can simply focus on creating a product/service that can take the market by storm!

6. You save on software costs 

Here’s the thing about marketing – either you could hop from one tool to another, leveraging from free trials or keep running a free trial account with limited features – or you could subscribe to one of their paid plans.

Subscribing to one of their paid plans automatically means you need to set aside an additional budget for the tools monthly usage, which takes out a set amount from the resources available to you for other growth aspects. If you think you can manage all social media manually, trust us, you will only end up being inconsistent at it and highly irritated!


Marketing agencies usually have their own set of softwares and tools that help them execute their tasks effectively. They add a minimal charge for the same when creating a package for you – which ends up being a lot lesser than what you’d actually be paying.

For instance, if someone has your favourite movie already downloaded, doesn’t it make a whole lot of sense to take it from him, than go download it again – losing out on your bandwidth, at the same time.

7. Easy resource management 

When we talk of an in-house team, you do end up micro and macro managing their every day jobs. You tend to hover over their heads or make frequent visits to their bay to ensure they are working efficiently. While the right hires will pose no trouble, there will be those who would need that extra push to get work done.


With outsourcing, you get rid of resource management headaches. Their experts take care of when and how the job being done by his professionals, where a process needs to be optimized and how much of a budget needs to be allocated for a specific task.

Lesser headaches, more work!

8. Understandable reporting and analysis 

Let’s consider the number of times you had to sit down in front of Google Analytics to make sense of all the data generated on your website and blog. Now let’s take into account the number of times you were successfully able to draw out the data in the first go. This makes reporting and analysis of marketing campaigns challenging, making resource optimization tougher.


Marketing agencies, using their tools, softwares and market knowledge, are able to draw out understandable data points for businesses. No matter which industry you are in, they will always have some prior knowledge that will not just help you set up a proper growth strategy based on strong data points, but make the plethora of data available on digital, a lot more understandable!

Still skeptical about outsourcing your startup’s marketing? How about having a small discussion with us and we could literally ‘shoo away’ all your worries associated with it? 🙂

Let’s talk! 

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