Why Instagram Marketing Is Now Important [Infographic]

If you have ever considered marketing your products or service via social media over the past decade, much of the hype will have been focussed on Facebook and Twitter. This is because traditionally they have been the most popular social networks among the general consumerist public and therefore the most efficient way to reach your audience.

However, Instagram (which has often been ignored due to its focus on images and photos) has now surpassed Twitter in monthly active users and has introduced a broader range of post formats that appeal to a wider user base. Here are just some of the reasons why now is the time to start utilizing Instagram:

It’s used by the Masses

If something is used by the masses then it is ripe for marketing. Although it is newer than some social networks, Instagram now has 500 million active users per month and 300 million every single day. That’s more than rival Twitter. It also has broad appeal, with over half of 18 to 29-year-olds from the US using the platform and 80% of its user base residing in other countries. Most small or large businesses will be able to find their target audience within the broad overall audience.

Higher Engagement and Conversions

Although Instagram does not have as many users as Facebook, those users are more engaged. In other words, they interact with posts (like share etc), more often than on other platforms and this leads to more conversions for marketers.

Furthermore, around half of all users follow at least one business, and 70% of performance campaigns generated statistically significant lifts for online conversion or mobile app installs. 5% of those surveyed said they can be convinced to buy a product, visit a website, for research further online, or refer a friend, after seeing an inspiring post.

New Types of Content

In the past, some marketers may have been put off by the focus on photos and images, especially when physical products aren’t being sold. However, with captions and the introduction of Snapchat stile stories and live video streaming, there is now a broad range of content options to choose from that can have different impacts on your audience.

Stories, for example, encourage engagement because they expire after 24 hours and users don’t want to miss anything good. Live streaming also has a sense of urgency and gives you the chance to show a ‘behind the scenes’ side of your business, which in turn helps build trust and relationships with your users.

It’s Popular among Brands

Instagram is already popular with about half of known brands, so if you don’t join now you will be behind the curve. By 2017 over 70% of brands are expected to be using the platform. Don’t be late to the party!

Paid Marketing Opportunities

Instagram was not always monetized, but now it gives you the opportunity to pay to reach your audiences like Facebook and Twitter. Right now there are over 500,000 advertisers and this will only grow as the options increase.

To learn more about how Instagram can benefit your business, check out this new infographic from Website Builder:

instagram marketing infographic

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