Influencer Marketing 2018: 8 Tools To Find The Right Expert [Updated]

One of the most effective forms of marketing that is growing as a popular tactic in the digital industry, is influencer marketing. For that matter, influencer marketing has also been deemed as the future of marketing for business growth.

According to a report by Nielsen, about 84% of consumers either completely trust what their friends and family recommend or are partial towards their recommendations when choosing a product/service. The astonishingly high number has made word of mouth and consumer recommendations the highest ranked source of earning the trust of potential customers.


In a world that practically lives and feeds off digital, influencers are what constitute the friends and families of most. There are millions of people following the advice of one person that they have complete faith in – be it a tip he is sharing to do something better or a tool, product and service he is recommending to them; people don’t doubt their word even for a minute.

This has led to a lot of business incorporating influencers in their marketing and growth strategies. Apart from inbound marketing, social media and paid advertising, businesses are now setting aside resources for influencer marketing.

But influencer marketing isn’t easy.

According to Econsultancy, 73% of marketers all over the world agree that finding the right influencer for their business is one of their biggest challenges. While some have a greater following, there are those who have a lesser but quality following that the business would want to target – so which one are they supposed to go for?


Thankfully though, with the advancements in technology, there are now tools available to marketers that help in finding the right influencer as per the business needs.

Here’s taking a look at the 10 we find really nifty when it comes to chalking out our influencer marketing strategy:

1. Mention 

Finding the right influencer starts with finding people who are specific to your niche and can talk about your business to their following. But using Mention, you can identify those who are already talking about the topic you’re interested in covering or your brand, for that matter. You can then identify those users who are the most influential amongst those and create a strategy on how you could use their word.

mention influencers

2. Klout 

Another popular tool when it comes to looking for an influencer industry-wise, is Klout. Klout is a tool that uses social media analytics to rate its users on a scale of 1 to 100 according to their online social influence. So you can practically dig deeper into an influencer’s presence on multiple channels before making a decision.

klout influencers

3. BuzzSumo

One of our favourites, BuzzSumo is a really easy to use tool for searching influencers. Based on the keyword you’re targeting, you can look for people who are already talking about it in some way. The tool then breaks down each user’s online influence to help you understand what authority he holds in the industry and if his following is as relevant, and active as you’d like them to be.

buzzsumo influencer

4. Followerwonk 

Followerwonk is another nifty tool by Moz that helps you sift through the millions of user profiles on Twitter easily. Based on the keywords and industries you’re targeting, you can search for Twitter bios and then compare shortlisted accounts before deciding which influencer you’d like to move forward with. It gives you insights of their daily activities, their following and their online influence.


5. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a really comprehensive tool when it comes to marketing. It doesn’t just give you insights into what makes your target audience tick, but also an influence graph of users to identify influencers by keywords. It gives you insights into the influencer’s audience, his activity and helps you gauge the impact of a possible campaign with the influencer.


6. Inkybee


Most influencer marketing strategies include being written about by bloggers who have a massive following that is relevant to a business. Now Inkybee is a smart blogger outreach platform that helps you search for users who are active in your niche. It also helps you filter and segment them based on their specific expertise, enabling you to narrow down and optimize your campaign for better results.


7. Little Bird

Another nifty tool for influencer marketing is Little Bird. The tool helps you break down influencers based on the topic you’re targeting in the industry. But what’s best about the tool is that it maps the influencer’s networks to surface how likely are they to have an impact on their audience.


8. Grin

A really smart tool we stumbled upon recently, is Grin. It is a marketplace for exchanging growth tactics like shoutouts, mentions, guest posts and more online. With a number of influencers active on their network, it gives you the platform to meet and create cross promotion as well influencer marketing campaigns for your business.


9. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is a really handy tool to have if you’re ever looking for a single tool to satisfy all your influencer marketing outreach needs. It helps you find any Instagrammers or Twitter influencers of any niche by keywords and you can immediately automate an outreach with customisable templates. It gives you insights to your campaign, enabling you to track, monitor, and optimize for better results.

ninja outreach influencer marketing

Now there’s another way that you can use for finding influencers on social media. You could literally stalk users based on search results for the keywords you’re targeting, then create lists of those you think are the potential influencers for your brand and then dig deeper into how you could use their influence to grow your business.

But trust us, it can be a daunting task – been there, done that and we don’t recommend it one bit.

So save up on your time and get started with these smart tools to look for the right person for your influencer marketing campaign. There are millions out there that you brand could reach out to!

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