How To Make The Most Out Of Pinterest Promoted Video Pins

There are more than a hundred million people from across the world, who use Pinterest every month to discover new ideas in their niche or interests. One of the best ways to share ideas and their implementation being, videos.

Apart from image based pins, the market has noticed a whooping 60% increase in the videos being shared on Pinterest. Right from how to guides for health, beauty to product tutorials and more. And that’s exactly why the social media channel has rolled out promoted video pins for businesses to leverage from.

Most of the top brands and companies across different industries are already making use of the new advertising feature to boost their engagement rates in the target market. For instance, here’s how the Secret Life of Pets has been promoting itself using trailers from the movie.


Here’s taking a look at some ways that your business or brand can leverage from this new advertising feature:

1. Share your brand story

One of the firsts use cases that came to our mind, was storytelling. People respond to stories a lot more than sales pitches that you’ve been sharing so far. Telling them about your brand, the thought behind it and your story so far in the market, gives them a reason to connect with you. With promoted video pins that’s surely something that you can effectively incorporate in a target market that is already using the channel for the purpose of discovery.

pinterest for brand awareness

2. Present the use cases

The consumer market doesn’t really want an endless list of features or pricing plans of your business products and services. What they seek for actively, are how those products and services will add value to them. Will they solve a day-to-day challenge or would they enhance what they already have, there needs to be a value in your outreach. Promoted video pins can be used to present the use cases of your business products – especially for those who have multiple offerings or a product/service that solves multiple challenges.

3. Showcase your success stories

About 60% of online consumers do their research on a brand or business before interacting with it. This means they are already halfway through the sales cycle by the time they reach you. These are people that just need a slight nudge or a reassurance that your business will add more value to them. And what better way that showcasing success stories from people like them!

pinterest purchases

4. Create tutorials

Continuing on our second point, brands and businesses that have a product solving multiple market needs, often overwhelms the consumer. They aren’t able to clearly understand what solution they are being offered and how are they to make the most of it after conversion. Pinterest video ads gives you the opportunity to create tutorials and guide them step-by-step. Leaving an overwhelmed conversion, might result in losing the customer altogether!

pinterest inspired activity


5. Inspire or entertain

Pinterest users are primarily people who are looking for fresh ideas from across the world. They are active on the channel to find their inspiration. And promoted video ads give you the chance to be exactly that! Share ideas, tips and hacks with your audience using videos that will not just entertain them, but guarantee a value by the end of it and give them a reason to interact with your brand.

pinterest engagement


6. Offer sneak peeks

The digital landscape is fast expanding and so is the competition for brands across all industries. It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to boost their brand awareness before launching products or services into the market. But what if they are not ready yet? You can use Promoted video pins to share sneak peeks of what’s coming the consumer’s way. This is a great tactic to hook them from the starts up till your launch and then convert them effectively.

7. Promote contests and competition

Since engagement has become the primary metric for digital success, contests and competitions have become a part of many marketing strategies. But getting people to participate in them is a different ball game altogether. This is where you can use promoted video ad pins to share the rules and regulations of the event, or use them to inspire people to participate.

While the advertising feature is fairly new, it definitely does present a great marketing opportunity for business across B2B and B2C industries.

Have you used the promoted video pin ads yet? Or have more ideas on how marketers could leverage from it? Feel free to contribute to this post by dropping them in the comment section below!

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