Facebook Business Manager Guide: Hacks To Use It Wisely

According to Social Beat, 90% of brands in India are leveraging Facebook as a marketing channel. Indeed, Facebook has emerged as one of the most powerful channel for businesses to engage with their target audience.

To ease things up for business using this social media platform as a digital marketing channel, Facebook introduced a free tool called the Facebook Business Manager. Check out the following video to know how you too can set up and use the Facebook Business Manager to manage pages, ad accounts, and assets.

Now that you know how to setup the Facebook Business Manager, let’s walk through some tips that will help you get the most of out it.

Using Facebook Business Manager wisely

Maintain Control Over Your Pages and Assets

Have an agency handling your social media marketing? Don’t be lured by the idea of letting them claim your pages. Instead, add their accounts to your assets. Facebook Business Manager allows you to give as much or as little control to an agency that works for you. This ways, once your contract with the agency ends, you are saved the trouble of removing your assets from the agency’s Business Manager and reclaiming them.

Manage and Organize Better with Projects Feature

Use the projects feature to manage your assets in a simple, logical, and more organized manner. This feature allows you to group together specific pages, apps etc. into a single entry on your Facebook Business Manager. Group your pages or ad accounts in a manner that they mirror your business’s structure as close as possible. Allocate work and responsibilities to people on the basis of this structure, by adding them only where they are required.

AdParlor explains how to use this feature effectively, in their guide here.

facebook business manager projects

Use Work Emails Only

Always use work emails to maintain complete privacy and security over your Facebook account pages. This will help you add as many people to Facebook Business Manager without having to add them as a friend on Facebook. You can also add more people to your business manager – but it is important for them to have a Facebook account as well.

If you use work emails, you are making sure that his/her access to the Facebook Business Manager is discontinued immediately after an employee leaves your company. Just make sure that while granting access to the Facebook Business Manager, you only assign access to specific assets that a person needs to work on. This will reduce the chances of error and will help in better management of work.

Streamline Everything From One Dashboard

The Facebook Business Manager lets you manage and track all your facebook properties from on one single dashboard. Whether you want to get insights into the performance of all your ads or see how each individual asset is performing, you can do everything from a single place. For streamlining and organizing your Facebook marketing efforts, get your ads manager, analytics, and power editor, all in one place.

Keep a Watch on ‘Liked’ Pages

As a business, you might have liked or followed other pages that interest you. With the Facebook Business Manager you can easily follow the activity on these pages ‘liked’ by you. View the status of these pages using the ‘View Pages Feed’ and eliminate the need to switch between your personal and business accounts for monitoring competition.

You can simply add pages that need to be kept a watch on by clicking on Insights, then overview and scrolling down to select ‘add pages’ section. You can learn more about how to use this feature here.

facebook business manager pages to watch

In a Wrap

With the kind of control that the Facebook Business Manager allows businesses to maintain over their assets, it is rapidly becoming the tool of choice. Organizing work becomes a breeze using this tool, especially when you are working on multiple facebook pages. Have you tried using the Facebook Business Manager yet? Drop us a line on how it helped you manage your Facebook marketing better.

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