How To Ensure Social Media Success Through Influencers: Twitter

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, so much so that all businesses in both B2C and B2B spectrum can’t afford to give it a miss. In fact, their efforts now focus much on ensuring social media success. They run from pillar to post to make their campaigns work and spread a consistent message across multiple digital platforms.

While we are going to keep the B2C bit for another day, it is important to understand that social media is being effectively used by B2B marketers (93%) for promotional activities. More than 70% of all B2B marketers use at least one of the top platforms – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube – to share content.



54% of B2B marketers have generated leads from social media out of which nearly 13% of them come from Twitter. Yes, this is true. Turns out that 87% of B2B marketers use Twitter to promote their brands and share content. B2B marketers think Twitter is the second most effective social media platform!

Apart from paid advertising on Twitter, if there’s one thing that has gained attention in the last two years on the platform is the “importance of influencers” – yes, that’s right!

Who is an influencer?

A (social media) influencer is an individual or a business entity who has a strong following or leadership on any of the social media platforms. However, this term is most synonymous with Twitter as it is an ideal platform to have quick one-on-one interactions.

An influencer is considered a thought leader or expert in a specific industry, domain or function. The challenge for the B2B marketers is to form a 2-way relation with these authorities that can, in turn, help them find high authority users/potential buyers.



Today, an influencer really “influences” the social media success of a brand. But how? Suppose you share fresh content that is retweeted by an influencer with 10k followers. Your content automatically gets visibility in front of those 10k people or potential customers.

Similarly, your brand name itself gets exposure when it is associated with an influencer. On Twitter, this concept works the most because of how the timeline changes on the platform. In fact, news travels faster on Twitter than any other digital platform!

How can you get noticed by influencers?

Even though the process is quite simple, it can take from minutes to months to have the influencer’s attention. So our advice to you is to “build a solid working relationship with them first”. Here’s how you can get your brand the much-deserved exposure and make that social media success yours:

1. Be subtle

Start by “following” them. Tweet an article of theirs that you genuinely enjoyed. Tag them and ask how they feel about a particular topic they are experts on. Engage them in a well-thought and well-planned conversation. If they feel you are just trying to speak to them for a RT or a shout-out, you will fail.



Therefore, make sure you actually show interest in their content. Before hitting “reply”, ensure you add value to the conversation with an intellectual or a humorous comment.

2. Engage them on other social media and email

Add them on LinkedIn since it is the hub for “professional networking”. Drop them an email to ask for their opinion or collaborate with them on a small project at work. Don’t restrict yourself on Twitter. If you think you can use their expertise in other areas of your professional field, then contact them.



This will win their confidence. They will be genuinely pleased to speak to you if you come up with a genuine offer. Becoming friends with them on Twitter will become much easier!

3. Make use of smart tools

FollowerWonk, Twitonomy, Buzzsumo and Klout are some of the tools you can use for effective influencer marketing. You can apply multiple filters such as gender, location and area of interest to see whose voice matters the most.

Depending upon the budget – given that most of the tools are paid – you can pick one and start focusing on influencers that can give your brand a serious boost and of course, ensure solid social media success.

Over to you

Lastly, make sure you share the best content on Twitter – content that you can actually boast about. Don’t forget to add links to your Twitter post to not only get traffic to the brand’s website but also get green light from search engines. The social media success will be yours if you follow these tips.

Give the influencers a strong reason to follow you. Good luck!

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