Build Your Personal Brand With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking platform as of today. Be it an Operations Head or an owner of an eCommerce firm – almost all working inidviduals have a presence on this platform. Naturally, content marketers are not far behind in this race.

Unfortunately, despite the increasing use of LinkedIn to connect or find a job, most people haven’t been able to leverage it to its full potential. They need to realize that merely uploading a profile picture or using fancy words to describe expertise in skills is not result-worthy.

One needs to dig deeper to literally stand out in search results, generate more views and impress potential employers. Moreover, LinkedIn offers a platform to build a person brand. Here’s what needs to be done:

1. Complete your profile

Yes – there are way too many tabs to be filled on a LinkedIn profile. But a complete profile is 40 times more likely to generate interest and get noticed. So to secure your unofficial “all-star” status on the platform, make sure you include your industry and location, current job profile and position, past employments, academics and skills.


Additionally, if you have any publications, certifications or projects to your name, mention them too. The best quality about LinkedIn is that it gives you ample space to showcase your work and achievements. A personal brand relies heavily on that.

2. Use SEO-friendly keywords in the headline

A headline is the text below your name and very often, people come up with ridiculous, uber-fancy names to describe themselves. Don’t be like them. Instead, pick words that uniquely define you but at the same are most-searched words on the platform.


The things is the LinkedIn algorithm emphasizes on those words in search and that’s why the headline is one of the first things to get noticed by the audience. Words such as content creator, content marketer, social media community manager, B2B blogger attract attention.

3. Drive your value proposition through the headline

While using solid keywords to describe you as a profession is simple, mentioning what you exactly do is an instant eye-catcher. Something like “Driving brand awareness through integrated marketing campaigns” is attractive and might interest a potential employer in first go.


Please avoid words such as “digital lord”, “content ninja” or “eCommerce rock star”. That’s just stupid! Imagine reading this on your LinkedIn search results: “Digital lord working for a rocking startup” – really?

4. Ask a friend to summarise your work story and get recommendations

You are not alone if you find writing about yourself tough. A LinkedIn study says that 52% of the people find it easier to talk about other people’s accomplishments, rather than their  The summary section in a LinkedIn profile allows the user to mention everything and anything that he or she has ever done so far.


Ask your friends or family members to point out even the smallest of your achievements not only as professional but also as an individual. You can even jazz up your profile with these symbols:

5. Follow LinkedIn influencers and be active on groups

If you want to establish yourself as a authority in digital marketing or content marketing, it is important to follow the work of influencers. Remember – they know the industry better than anyone else and what’s better than learning from the best?

Similarly, don’t hesitate to voice your opinions, share information and promote your blogs on various digital groups. People, who genuinely want to learn and grow in this fast-paced digital world, will take notice of you. Go out there. Don’t just step back after making your LinkedIn profile.

6. Create a LinkedIn SlideShare Account

SlideShare is the world’s largest content-sharing community. 4 million people on an average visit this platform and this is just the desktop digit. Google indexes every presentation uploaded on SlideShare. The best part is that more than  80% of the traffic is organic which certainly gives your content an SEO advantage.


Apart from promoting your blogs or other publications on LinkedIn Pulse (which is also a brilliant marketing platform), repurpose and convert your content into presentations and upload them on SlideShare. Thanks to graphic designing tools such as Canva and Piktochart, you can create aesthetically-pleasing slides for the viewers.

A personal brand is not made overnight. It’s constant work and you have to continuously find ways to stay relevant in terms of not only content and design but also individual.

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