Before You Build Your Blog’s Content Marketing Strategy, Start Blogging Right

In this time and age, it is safe to say that blogging is an art. Sure – you are an exceptional writer. You churn out beautiful essays, poems and prose or even share knowledge! But if you don’t know the right platform to promote your masterpieces – especially when you badly want to – then what’s the point?! Terms like content marketing strategy hold no meaning whatsoever.

Now you may have heard about the word “blogging” and even tried your hand at it. But you are not happy with the results. They are not what you expected them to be. So you are confused. You know have the talent, you do have the resources but you don’t know make it all work in your favor.

We think you should take a deep breath and relax and then read this: At one point, we were also in your position. Clueless! But that didn’t stop us from blogging and impressing the world with our awesome writing skills. Did that? No. But what we were always clear about was that we needed to get cracking on grabbing the attention of our target readers…ASAP.

And, so we discovered blogging.

Therefore, to help you get started here, we are going to share 7 points that a newbie like you should keep in mind to create a buzz through blogging on industry-relevant content.

1. Research your industry

You are confident about where your interest and expertise lie. But how can you excel at blogging when you don’t know how your fellow bloggers are doing. Therefore, once you set up the blog, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who are my primary competitors?
  • What are they mostly writing about?
  • Can you curate better content than them?
  • How are they getting the traffic to their website? Through social media? Or by using the right keywords?

Online tools such as BuzzSumo and Lumanu are helpful in running a search and offering high level data. So whenever you want to know what the industry is talking about, you can check out what’s trending and what’s not. That’s a great way to start building a content marketing strategy for the blog. Whether you are an academician or a fashion blogger – you can find fresh-off-the-press news items on these two tools

2. Make a content calendar

Posting blogs without any prior planning is not going to fetch your long-term goals. You might find interested readers and even build readership because of the quality of content you are publishing. But without a plan, your blog’s performance will eventually falter.

If you don’t know where to begin – download HubSpot’s Blog Editorial Calendar. It is extremely detailed and will take you through the entire process bit by bit. It doesn’t take a genius to make a content plan and even if you are – it shouldn’t take you much time.



3. Don’t forget about SEO

Do a research on the keywords that can optimize the performance of your blog. If you don’t how to get started with your SEO strategy, just use Google Adwords Keyword Tool or to find keywords that are related to your blog topics.

Moreover, you can even see which keywords are being used maximum number of times by the competitors and are bringing traffic to their websites or blog. There’s just one tip you must always remember – keep your head lines and headings simple.


Don’t go big with words as they might not be user-friendly – and hence, the SEO of your website will falter. Check out Portent’s Content Idea Generator to come up with simple headings and also to sometimes get topic ideas!

Your content marketing strategy would be meaningless if you don’t include SEO in the long-term. So start now.

4. Reach out to influencers

Why not? They can give your blog a big push and get instantly bring the spotlight on you! Make a list of people who you think are doing well for themselves in your industry. When you connect with them, don’t ask them to share your blog.

Instead, ask them for a feedback. It is important for you to come across as someone who is willing to learn from mistakes and improve. Don’t pose as a greedy-for-like-and-shares blogger. No one likes such people.

Therefore, start and maintain a healthy working relationship with them. The fan following of your blog will gradually increase. There’s nothing better than a shout out by an influencer – so don’t forget to network aggressively.


If you want to give your blog post a quick grammar check, use either Hemingway Editor or Grammarly. They are both free tools – at least the former is – and can be used to their full potential. And whenever you write and publish a post, don’t forget to share it on social media.

People are dying to read what you have written. So start blogging right away…and then think about the content marketing strategy bit.

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