Beat Your Creative Block, Never Run Out Of Blogging Ideas

If you are a content marketer, you will agree that a part of your job involves writing a lot. Curating website content, banners, social media copies, emails and most importantly, blogs form a part of your daily schedule. Now there are times when you easily create stuff that’s interesting and meaningful, something your audience will like.

But then there are times when you find yourself staring blankly at your computer screen – hoping for an idea to pop in your brain, a miracle to happen. That, my dear readers, is called a creative block and it is pretty nasty indeed!

Publishing great content that makes your clients super successful is the real challenge of content marketing. And when the silly ol’ creative block comes in the way, it is frustrating. Moreover, meeting the editorial calendar deadlines is crucial too. You have a content strategy to execute, targets to achieve, results to yield!

I have also endured phases in the past where I know I want to write but nothing comes to my head. Instead of giving up, I just write. I write hoping that my brain’s engine re-starts and sometimes miraculously, it does, and sometimes that ‘block’ reflects in my work!

So folks, don’t waste time. Kickstart your creativity. Find a few original ideas or garnish the existing ones; simply follow these 6 handy tips:

1. Create a mental buzz with Buzzsumo

Isn’t it nice to have some inspiration to keep the wheels moving? Well, Buzzsumo ensures just that! A popular platform for content marketing and SEO campaigns, Buzzsumo is the go-to place to learn about what’s trending in your industry! Type your competitor’s URL in the Search box to see what they are up to or type in a specific topic you are keen to read about.



Filter the results by date, type of content, language, etc. to narrow down the information you wish to consume. Trust me – reading a few of those articles will certainly wake up your creative side!

2. Feed your brain with Feedly

If you are one of those crazy content marketers like me who have trouble searching for individual brands, then Feedly is something you should definitely try. Compile all the latest published content from your favourite blogs/publications, podcasts and YouTube channels (RSS feeds) in a single place.


The Feedly dashboard will allow you to easily read, listen or watch all the news you want to stay updated. The more you consume information, the faster your mind works and your creativity kicks in.

3. Hang out at Quora

It’s a Q&A platform, a more refined and a much cooler version of Yahoo! Answers. It’s the 140th most popular website globally. Quora caters to a wide range of subjects and communities. Just type in a specific topic such as digital marketing or Instagram marketing in the Search box to view the kinds of questions being asked on that topic. I am sure you will find questions that you can answer better. And if you can, that question becomes your hot topic!


4. Build a skyscraper (technique)

If I were to describe this technique, I would simply say it is the process of bettering content that already exists. It’s just one of the many strategies executed to earn a favourable spot in the search rankings. Backlinko’s Brian Dean was the boy genius who invented this technique. This technique enables the marketers with a niche or expert knowledge to add more insights (and weight) to an otherwise dull article.


Add videos, images, gifs and other rich content to make the existing article more informative and lengthy (because the longer it is, the stronger its SEO will be). Think more strategically when you are re-working on an article. Dig deeper into the topic.

5. Ever thought of using YouTube?

Now that “video” is the future of marketing, it is best to start taking its help to recycle old content ideas and turn them into exciting ones. Go to YouTube and search for videos on the topic you are most inclined to write on. Now the video can be a TedTalk or an expert interview or even a slideshow!

Watch a couple of such videos on the same topic and make notes. Once you go back to your notes, you’ll notice a pattern. Voila! That’s your blog idea signally to you. Grab it with both hands and start writing!

6. Using Reddit is a brilliant idea

If you have never used it (even for fun), Reddit can be an intimidating platform. There’s too much content on it, too much information. But once you dig deeper, you’ll realize it is quite an informative platform. Reddit is the 26th most popular website in the world – that’s a big deal.


It caters to only niche-specific communities for about every topic imaginable! This means you will find niche topics or ideas too for your blogs and other marketing activities. Look at it as a purely focused data treasure from actual audience – pure gold.

Before you leave…

Follow these tips and create your own writing prompt library, so that the next time you experience a creative block, you know where to go looking for ideas!

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