8 Emotions Every Digital Marketer Feels

I am so proud to have a career in digital marketing! Really – nothing makes me happier than to wake up every morning and get ready to go to work. There’s no doubt that this job is hectic. It involves a lot of stress because the digital world itself so dynamic.

I often find myself working till early in the mornings to meet client deadlines. Despite the stress levels and chronic anxiety pangs, I don’t think any job in this world can give me ‘the’ adrenaline rush!

As a digital marketer, you will agree with me. I am sure you nodded your head while reading the first two paragraphs because – well- you understand. You know the time and effort that goes into running a campaign, personalizing email content and keeping the customers engaged on social media day in, day out.

But still I cannot complain. I chose this career. I chose to have a professional life which is full of new challenges every day. Adding to this thought, here are 8 emotions I invariably feel a lot and I am sure so do you:

1. HORROR: Finding out Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms

Yup – I was horrified when I came to know that reaching out to my audience on world’s most popular social media channel is going to be a tad – no, very difficult – now. In the last 2 years, Facebook’s algorithms have changed drastically. Haven’t you had a tough time trying to explain your client why no one’s “liking” or “sharing” his posts? I think we all have been through this!

2. CONFUSION: Trying to figure out SEO

SEO is important for the growth of business. Have you ever been in a situation wherein you had no idea how a certain web page received more traffic one day and the next day it didn’t? Or when you had optimized a web page and you did get traffic but for totally different reasons?

If your answer’s ‘yes’, you and I are in the same boat. Use Google Analytics, use Keyword Planner. The results will keep you wondering.

3. NERVOUSNESS: When people realize you’re retargeting them

No one likes angry customers, especially when they throw phrases like “I see your ads everywhere!”. Such people make me nervous. Hey – but you and I are just doing our jobs! But what I like is when people give back constructive criticism. That I can take and so should you to ultimately make a marketing strategy that is designed for targeting the customers.


4. SADNESS: When your blog goes unnoticed

Sigh! You put in hours and hours of research. You write, write and edit to make it read perfectly. You put in your heart and soul in that one blog post. And when no one shares it once it is published – it breaks the heart, isn’t it? It has happened with me too. But don’t let zero responses bog you down. Keep writing. Keep sharing!

5. EXCITEMENT: When you discover a popular hashtag

I have felt a surge of excitement in my body a number of times – whenever I have come across a social media hashtag that everybody seems to use. Gosh! I can’t wait to overuse it in my social media posts. And when its use, gives you more retweets or shares, the excitement levels hit a 100%!

6. HAPPINESS: When an influencer gives you or your post a shout-out on social media

OMG! This is proof to the fact that you must have done something right to deserve the attention of that influencer. And even if it’s a “like” or a “retweet”, any form of interaction with him or her is a major motivator. You tend to work harder, isn’t it? Plus, I think this makes you more confident. Ah! I know for a fact it does!

7. LOVE: When your followers show your post ‘mad love’

That has happened to all of us at some or the other point in our digital lives. This is one of those days when our brand gets massive appreciation for a small Twitter contest we run or a Facebook post we share, the message of which really strikes the right chord with them. You instantly become social media’s ultimate sweetheart!

8. PRIDE: When even the smallest achievement makes you proud

Whether it is reaching a follower count of 500 on Instagram, getting retweets on Twitter or finding 10 out of 1000 people opening up your well-crafted, personalized emailer, you feel happy. You feel as if you have accomplished something. I make a note of even the smallest of such achievements. They offer me such great motivation to keep on learning and doing better!

Do you agree with us on all points? Have you experienced all of them? What else have you felt? Drop in your comments!

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