7 Awesome Tools For Instagram

Do you know Instagram has over 300 million monthly active users and over 55 million photos are uploaded every day on the platform? Wow! These numbers are commendable – it’s hard to imagine life without Instagram even though it was launched just six years ago!


Most B2B and B2C companies are now using Instagram aggressively. From pushing forward sponsored posts to growing the number of followers on social media channel, Instagram has come out as an effective tool to generate interest and sales on.



Moving forward, here are 7 tools that can enhance your marketing strategy and help you achieve results faster:

1. Later

This mobile app allows you to not only schedule posts but also reminds you to post the images through phone notifications. The process is easy. Just upload the image and then schedule it. When it’s finally time to post it, the app will send you a notification on your mobile phone with a link to posting the image on Instagram.



Cost: It’s free for use as long as you want!

2. Iconosquare

This was one of the first online tools to give analytics of Instagram accounts. Not only this, it offers a comprehensive dashboard which allows users to comment and like Instagram posts faster. Now Iconosquare is also available on mobile. Making sense of statistics can be a daunting task for anyone who doesn’t have a background in data and analytics. But not with Iconosquare!


Cost: You can use the tool for free for two weeks, post that it’s paid.

3. Repost

You must have seen lots of celebrities reposting images of fellow celebrities. How do they manage to do that, given Instagram doesn’t have a direct button that allows this? Repost is one awesome app that enables the users to repost other users’ content quickly. B2C businesses can make use of this application to repost customer images that include their products. A good way to build relationships indeed!


Cost: Repost is available on iTunes and Google Play for free.

4. Crowdfire

Both a web-based application and an iOS & Android app, Crowdfire is perfect for any business which is trying to maximize their exposure on the platform. If managing a business account is becoming impossible, then it is best to tidy up who you are currently following and quickly follow those users who are more likely to be interested in your product or service! This is just one of the qualities of Crowdfire.


 Cost: Crowdfire is free but comes with several in-app purchases.


Let’s be honest – we all love filters. Instagram has made us all adore filters like no one’s business. So if we are given the opportunity to apply more filters, we won’t say ‘no’ – would we? Absolutely not! VSCO not only offers myriad filters but also a greater variety of editing tools. Have you ever thought of maintaining consistency of your brand on Instagram using the same filter? You should now!


Cost: You can use VSCO for free!

6. Boomerang

You must have noticed super-short looping videos doing overpopulating your Instagram timeline, have you? Well, that’s because of the use of Boomerang – a mobile app that offers a seamless mix of photo and GIF. Now Boomerang is a video but it’s just 1 second. Lots of companies have used Boomerang on Instagram.


Cost: It’s free!

7. Over

If you want to add text over your photos, then use Over. Trust us – the tool makes it so easy to edit and place a block of text in stylized fonts that you won’t need to take help of your graphic designer. It literally allows everyone to be a designer. Today, a lot of brands are experimenting with such photos. Don’t get left behind in the race.


Cost: Over is available on iTunes and Google Play for free, but comes with numerous in-app purchases.

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