7 App Marketing Examples You Absolutely Need To Try

The app market is booming – no, quiet literally.

Tell us one thing that there isn’t an app for! Be it to track the number of steps you take in a day, take notes, draw doodles on pictures you click or just about anything you can think of, you have at least 10 apps that offer you the same.

If you don’t believe us, here’s how the iOS app market is doing..

available apps on app store

And here’s what the Android app market looks like..

available apps on google play store

See the graph moving upwards? Yes, the numbers haven’t dipped even the slightest bit. For that matter, the graph ahead only goes higher.

What does this say for the app you just spent hours, days, months or maybe even years, creating?

You have a hell lot of competition to beat before you get to your users!

App marketing has always been a tough job. While indie developers just have a hard time juggling different hats they need to don, app marketers have a tough time coming up with interesting campaign ideas that will actually bring them conversions.

So we dug deep into what some of the most popular apps are doing to reach their users and grow their business. Here are some of the examples we loved the most:

1. Fitbit’s blogging strategy

Let’s face it, content marketing has become a must-have today. If you want to draw attention to your website or app landing page, you need to become their source of information that they often seek for on the internet.

Fitbit runs a blog that shares different types of health related content. From success stories, tips, tricks and expert interviews, the blog has it all. They have created separate categories for their content, including one for news about them. So if you’re a health freak, you should definitely subscribe to it!

fitbit blog content marketing

2. Calm’s inspiring Instagram feed

While most apps think Instagram can’t work for them, except for running advertisements, take Calm as your go-to example. The app keeps up with its core functionality by sharing content that is most definitely going to calm your senses.

The feed is a sweet mix of quotes with a custom hashtag #dailycalm, scenic pictures and short videos. Personally, I’m following them from the day I downloaded their app.

calm instagram feed

Follow them here

3. Candy Crush Saga’s Facebook Saga

If there’s one app that is using Facebook to the t, is Candy Crush Saga. They don’t just keep sharing creative visuals of their games, but also small videos, gifs, announcements and more that are extremely relatable to its users. For instance, this quick gif on Halloween that had us cracking!

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4. Runtastic encouraging Twitter feed

Runtastic is another interesting app that helps its users track their runs and their progress in the activity over time. The best part is, they don’t just share content that is created by them, but also content that is relevant to them – for instance, the new Adidas shoes that have been trending on digital!

5. Uber’s email marketing hack

Emails are the most effective marketing channel for businesses – no matter what niche they are in. Uber makes use of the emails it sends out to users to boost their engagement rates and in-app conversions. For instance, this mail here even made it to the list of 15 best email marketing examples as curated by HubSpot.


6. Minecraft’s interesting YouTube channel

YouTube is one social media channel that most businesses haven’t been able to tap into. While there are those who make use of advertisements, they aren’t really making the most out of their channels. Minecraft has an active YouTube channel that shares new features, hacks for players and more.

minecraft youtube channel

7. Classpass’s clear cut Instagram ad

Instagram is now a popular channel for marketing. With improvements in its advertising features, apps can direct their target audience to their landing pages or encourage them to download the app. Here’s an example we think is absolutely relevant, to the point – and wait, isn’t that visual absolutely cool?

classpass instagram marketing

App marketing can be tricky. You want to drive more users to download your app, while ensuring you don’t sound too spammy or pushy. So focus on first understanding who your ideal app users are and then create highly personalized campaigns across digital channels.

Love the ideas? We do too!

But before you get started on improvising them and implementing some for your app, we want to make sure you have the right set of tools to help you execute it. So, here’s a must read for all you app developers and marketers:

10 absolute must-have mobile app marketing tools

Happy marketing to you! 🙂

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