3 Trends that Will Drive Content Marketing in 2018 and Beyond

Content marketing has been rapidly evolving year on year, and newer strategies are being devised for succeeding at it. Blogging, for example, at the time it came into picture was all about articles, poetry, opinions etc. shared on ‘Wordpress’ or ‘Blogspot’ and other such platforms. They key purpose was to be able to drive organic traffic using the correct keyword strategy.

Today, blogging is a totally different ball game. You can blog now on Instagram or Pinterest as well! That’s the magic of content marketing – you can use any (yes, any) platform that you like to drive traffic to your blog. Twitter is no more about tweets limited to 140 character. Brands are investing in newer channels like Snapchat to attract and engage millennials. Furthermore, the advent of IoT has opened up unimaginable frontiers for marketers.

2018 is witnessing interesting concepts brewing in the content marketing arena, three of which we will discuss in this post. Let’s dive in.

Artificial Intelligence Reigns

AI has opened unimaginable doors and avenues for content marketers. Everything from content curation to personalization to real-time user interaction, is being driven by AI. Using AI assisted data, companies can now craft excellent messaging strategies to match the exact needs of their ideal customers! It’s no more an ardent task to identify customer requirements. AI-enabled software can track and analyze customer behaviors, actions, preference, pain-points, and even predict future behavior from these cues. Such a leap in intelligence is enabling content marketers to focus on creating highly personalized content that will 90-95% of the times result in sales, conversions, and loyal customers.

Take chatbots for example. This AI enabled trend has revolutionized user interaction and engagement in a big way! Emails are getting obsolete. Bots are the new interactive, engaging medium that have made communication easy and instant.

Voice and Visuals over Word

We all know and have repeatedly been reminded that the human attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish. Generation over generation the span has been falling. Youngsters today, or millenials, as we know them have very little patience, don’t like to keep waiting, want instant gratification, and are quick to dismiss anything that they think is a waste of time or effort. While we might think that this new generation is lazy and wants an easy way out for everything, they are a huge inspiration for future content marketers. Based on the traits of millennials and keeping in mind that life in general is a busy business, content marketers have switched their efforts from blogging to other media such as podcasts, video content etc.

Did you know that on an average, in a day around 35% of millennials listen to podcasts on their mobiles? Video blogging, on similar lines, is also one of the most coveted ways to pull traffic to landing pages and websites.

At Contensify too we are evolving with the need of the times and infusing new flavors in our content marketing approach. We are glad to announce that soon we’ll be using podcasts as a medium to engage with people who want to learn and know more about content, digital, inbound and related topics.

Snackable Sells

Big is no more better. And, that holds true even for content. Small, bite-sized content that is easily digestable is what people crave or are hungry for. You’d agree that the newspaper doesn’t interest the younger lot. They’d rather get their peace of reality from an app that gives a quick gist of all that’s going world wide. The drawback of creating short form content is that you lose out on the SEO front. However, using interesting social media optimization techniques you can still manage win readers for snackable content.

Buzzfeed has been using Snackable content in the best possible way for now over four years now. Many more websites have taken inspiration and followed. Even SaaS has been using the power of Snackable content and powerful copy to grab eyeballs.

We suggest, use a mix of long form and short form, bite-sized content to stay ahead of the game. This will help you keep your SEO sorted and also keep users entertained as well as engaged.

That’s a Wrap

The three trends that we’ve discussed in the post are key aspects of content marketing in 2018 and for years to come. In our following posts, we’ll read some real life examples based on these trends. Till then, happy reading!

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