13 Social Media Marketing Trends You Need To Watch Out For In 2017

Every year, there are various predictions made by marketers across the world on what’s going to trend in the marketing industry the next year. While some of them come true, there are those that come in and go just like rumours!

Over the years, there is one thing that has become evident – social media is a must-have for business marketing and growth. There is no way a business – be it B2B or B2C, can circumvent using these channels if they want to reach out to their target audience.

So assuming you’re going to be rehashing your marketing strategies on social for next year, we uncovered the trends that you’re to keep an eye on for 2017.

1. Twitter marketing will become overwhelming

The social media channel has been known for sharing and discovering trending content pieces across different industries. But it’s for a fact that the volume of content being shared on the platform is overwhelming and the numbers aren’t going to decrease in the next year. With the platform removing its 140 character limit, there are a number of opportunities that present themselves for marketing and customer service. But let’s gear up for Twitter fatigue!



2. Instagram will become integral to marketing

Instagram introduced stories this year and the new feature is all set to change how businesses have been using the channel for marketing. This only goes to say that storytelling and visual content will be given preference by businesses to reach out to their target audience.


3. Snapchat will not get lost

Yes, there were speculations about Snapchat getting lost with Instagram improving its game. But the truth is, the social media channel is going to stay. The channel will continue to make moment focused marketing an effective tactic to reach out and relate to your target audience.



4. Richer customer experience is vital

With 360 degree videos on Facebook, rich content and media, and virtual reality getting introduced into the digital industry, get set to be expected a richer customer experience from in 2017. You will need to make people see what it is like to engage with your business products and services. That’s the only way they would be willing to see the value you have to offer.



5. Social media customer service will become a thing

Social media is now increasingly being used for business marketing – B2B and B2C. While some businesses have been using the channels for offering customer services to their existing customers and prospects, the trend will now only pick up in 2017. So expect more businesses being available on a tweet to resolve your query!



6. Creative advertising will become a must

With organic visibility becoming more of a challenge, advertising will take the centerstage. But gone are the times when you could feed your audience with messages that directly drive sales. With features like Canvas ads, videos ads and more getting introduced on digital channels, marketers will need to put on their thinking caps to use them creatively and get their value propositions across in a non-intrusive manner.

For instance, here’s a Canvas ad used by Coca Cola.


7. Employee amplification is coming

If you haven’t been keeping a tab on what successful businesses do to market themselves so effectively, here’s a proven tactic – employee amplification. The employee social advocacy has grown by a whooping 191% since 2013. So if your business hasn’t been using the power of employees, now is a good time to start.



8. Real-time engagement expectations

Gone are those times when customers kept working hours in mind when interacting with businesses. With 2017, expect customers to demand real-time engagement from you. In fact, a study by Search Engine Watch stated that users expect brands to respond to their queries within an hour. And the same holds true for all other social media channels.


9. Social proof over sales pitches

Consumers are becoming more aware of what the market has to offer to them – what value they can expect from a business and what post – sales services can they get. But their informative decisions are being made due to the various customer reviews and ratings available on the internet. This will make social proof an important aspect of every marketing strategy. Be it showcasing testimonials on your website, offering case studies or any other type of proof – it is going to be a must have for effective marketing conversions in 2017.

For instance, HelpScout uses testimonials from influential customers as social proof.


10. Chatbots will come alive

Chatbots have already been introduced in the digital industry. As a consumer, you’re already seeing some businesses use them for engaging with you on Facebook messenger – sending you product recommendations or notifications about a new piece of content. Chatbots will now play an integral part in customer service as well as inbound marketing for all businesses. The latter giving an opportunity to businesses to personalize their frequent engagements and conversations with their customers; while the former lets them offer efficient customer service without any delays.


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11. Automation will become a necessity

With the increasing number of digital platforms that a business is expected to keep up with, automation will move to the mainstream digital marketing industry. It is the only way for marketers to run omnichannel marketing campaigns across various platforms, with effective personalization. Something that manual efforts can’t do. Tools like Wigzo, Marketo and HubSpot will find a permanent place in marketing toolkits.


12. Personalization will be priority

If there’s one way that you can market to the new age customers effectively, it is personalization. Personalization is a marketing tactic that focuses on delivering contextual experiences to the consumers. The more relevant your messaging is, the higher will be the conversion rates for your business. This means retargeting will play an important part of your advertising strategy and automation (yes, again) will become a must-have.


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13. Rise of influencer marketing

In a post we shared previously, Shane Barker discussed how influencer marketing is set to rise in the digital marketing industry. For that matter, it is claimed to be the future of marketing. So if your business hasn’t been in talks with those sharing content (visual and blogs) relevant to your niche, and have a mass following that consists of your ideal customers, you know exactly what to do – get started with the shortlisting!

influencer marketing

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These trends aren’t definitive. There is a high possibility that there are some more trends that might emerge as we move through the year 2017.

What are your predictions for marketers?

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