10 Marketing Podcasts You Need To Hear For Kick Ass Campaigns In 2017

As the holiday season and mood sets in, let’s face it, it becomes increasingly difficult to sit down sifting through articles and reading content that might have the best of information to offer. The reason being – well, who wants to right now? We’ll see to it next year. Right?


As a marketer, while you might have all your marketing campaigns ready for the holiday season, you need to also get set for next year.

The rise in digital marketing for business across B2B and B2C industries isn’t going to decrease any time soon. This only goes to say how your business will have to face more challenges in reaching out as well as acquiring its target audience next year.

We understand the dilemma as we face it all ourselves too!

So here are the top 10 marketing podcasts you need to subscribe to get your thinking and strategising caps on instantly.

1. #AskGaryVee


Alright, we might be a little partial here, but if you haven’t subscribed to Gary Vaynerchuk yet, you’ve seriously been missing out on so much. More like a YouTube show, this one shares marketing content in a format you’ll absolutely love – quick and conversational videos coming from someone who has done it all. For that matter, you can drop in the marketing questions that have been bothering you the most and some of his videos are around answering them all. All you need to do is tweet to him with #AskGaryVee !

2. Marketing School


A podcast by Eric Siu and Neil Patel, Marketing School actually includes all the curriculum you need to get on track in 2017. Some of the topics covered by them include blogging, how-to guides, infographics and more. They include 10 minutes of actionable content for their subscribers to take up, to develop their professional skills as they learn.

3. Conversion Cast


ConversionCast is literally a digital marketer’s paradise when it comes to learnings of the industry. Hosted by the people behind Lead Pages, the podcasts are always packed with useful examples of how marketers can optimize their conversion rates. Be it increasing website traffic, getting more leads, social shares and more, their podcasts cover it all.

4. The Art Of Charm

the art of charm podcast

A great marketing strategy isn’t everything, you need to have a few sales tricks up your sleeve as well. Especially the one that involves you having to charm your prospects into converting. The podcasts have industry experts like Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferris chiming in too to offer their two cents on various topics.

5. 5 Minute Marketing Podcast

5 minute marketing podcast

Marketers like us are always looking for quick tips and tricks to make our strategies better. This podcast is for all of us! They offer marketing tips, advice and various strategies that have previously helped businesses grow effectively in their target markets. There’s absolutely no excuse you can come up with for setting aside just 5 minutes in a day!

6. Startup


Let’s face it, most of us are either in a startup environment already, thinking of starting a business of our own or know someone who is going through the grind. The podcast follows the story of CEO Alex Blumberg and his startup, covering the challenges they are facing and the solutions they use to overcome them. So you get hands on tried tips and hacks from this podcast.

7. The Art Of Paid Traffic


One of the biggest challenges a business faces is drawing attention to its offerings. Getting relevant traffic to the business website and generating leads, is a challenge only some marketers are able to overcome effectively. In this podcast, Rick Mulready shares ideas and insights into online lead generation. They deep dive into traffic metrics and stats so you can understand them better, and optimize them for better results.

8. Perpetual Traffic


A podcast by Digital Marketer, Perpetual Traffic offers lead generation tips and hacks backed by concrete data. They look into different industries across B2B and B2C to offer insights that are tried and tested for great results.

9. Online Marketing Made Easy


Let’s face it, the name of the podcast itself had our attention. Amy is like that friendly face you see in the neighbourhood, that has some really nifty content and social media marketing tips to offer. She even has a book on Facebook Marketing for dummies, just in case you know! Her podcasts include everything from marketing tips and tricks across various digital platforms, as well insights into effective lead generation.

10. The Fizzle Show


Fizzle.co founders started this podcast to share tips on how businesses should build a relevant audience for themselves. Starting with tips on creating valuable products and services to getting started with marketing campaigns that would actually work, they cover it all. What’s best is that their hosts are extremely funny and it’s really easy to listen through them all.

Audio content is for real. Yes!

And if you haven’t subscribed to these podcasts yet, we suggest you do. After all, it is important to get a competitive edge over others before you begin marketing for next year.

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