10 eCommerce Tools You Need To Bag More Sales

Do you run an online store or are thinking of opening one? Well, let’s just get straight to the point and tell you that eCommerce is set to make up for 14.6% of the total retail spending by 2020. Simply put, it is a market opportunity for business owners to take their products online and reach a global audience.

While it is good news for customers, considering the variety of products becoming available to them; it is the business owners who are not going to face a problem in reaching their ideal customers – and most importantly, keeping them engaged with the brand when other stores are offering alluring deals as well!

That’s why it is important that your online store makes the right impression on a consumer the very first time and creates channels of communication to bring him back.

1. BigCommerce

When everyone is trying to set up their online stores quickly and make sure their products look impressive, it is important to choose a companion that ensures your first impression is lasting. BigCommerce is one of the most robust and widely used online store software that enables you to customize your site, and even list your products on Amazon, eBay as well as Facebook. With editable and ready to use templates, your impressive online store is just minutes away!

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2. Canva

While setting up your online store, it is important that you look into every little detail to make your product pages stand out. This might include creating banner graphics, promo ads or simply creating custom product pictures to add more appeal to them. Knowing that it isn’t always possible to have a designer on hand, we recommend keeping Canva handy – at all times! They even offer custom design elements for as low as $1 to give your graphics a unique look.

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3. Moosend

We’re always about stating the unconventional – and of course, tools that are nifty. With email marketing being the most effective channel for eCommerce businesses to bag sales, it is important to set up your email tool that will keep a track of your customers and leads, and help you get in touch with them on a regular basis with deals that encourage sales. Yes, we’re talking about Moosend here! The best part is, that you can get started with 2000 emails for absolutely free.


4. Zendesk

If you truly want to stand our amongst all the online stores out there, you will need to provide exceptional support to your online store visitors – just like those salespeople who you end up thanking by the end of your shopping trip. The tool offers a customer support chat that you can use to offer live chat support to shoppers with voice support and other interactive features. The more reachable you are, the lesser are the confusions during shopping and the greater number of sales you bag!

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5. Buffer

The very next step is of course, to get more people to your store. And we all know that the best channel is, social media. But you can’t possibly be managing all the products, the logistics, marketing and so many other things together. That’s why you need smart tools to remain consistent on social media – because that’s what pays in the long run. Buffer is our favourite when it comes to scheduling posts on various social channels, keep track of what customers are interacting with and of course, remaining consistent in keeping the customers engaged.

6. Exit Bee

We have always been about making the most out of the attention you get from internet users – which is fleeting, by the way. Exit Bee is an on-site retargeting tool that enables you to retarget your online store visitors with custom messages that encourage them to interact with you before leaving. It could be promoting a product range, asking them to subscribe for special deals, recommending products or stopping them from abandoning carts with a timed discount, the tool focuses on giving you a second chance at converting a visitor into a customer.


7. Wigzo

Let’s face it, not every consumer out there is willing to share their contact details with your business. Even you fear being spammed with irrelevant promotional mails all the time – then why not look for an alternative channel? Wigzo offers 1:1 personalized browser push notifications that you can use to send them cart reminders, price alerts, product recommendations, action oriented notifications and more. The best part is, not one of your online store visitors get targeted by a general notification.

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8. ReferralCandy

According to studies, 65% of the new sales for an online store, comes from referrals. To be honest, you’re more likely to purchase from a store that your friends and family recommend or have tried before, than experiment with something new altogether. ReferralCandy helps you create these referral programs easily. It enables you to offer custom referral links to each of your customers, identify your active advocates, award them for their loyalty and drive more engagement – and sales!

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9. BuzzSumo

Who says keeping up with the trends is only for B2B and other B2C services? Even an online store needs to make the most out of what internet users are talking about – yes, we’re talking about content marketing. But to streamline the efforts you make for your online store, use BuzzSumo to identify trending articles, threads and topics across the world in your niche. This way you can focus on creating only what your customers want to read!

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10. Wave

One of the biggest challenges you face on starting an online store, is account. Keeping track of your expenses, how much you have earned so far and how your financial situation is changing as customers start to pour in. Wave is a great tool for accounting noobs (you know what we mean); it helps with invoicing, payments, lending and more easily.

Setting up and running an eCommerce store is a challenging task. That’s why you need to have the right tools at hand, at all times!

What other tools would you recommend to an online store owner?

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