10 Budget Content Upgrade Ideas To Grow Your Email List

So you have a business blog and you’re sticking to a strict inbound strategy schedule. You have also garnered a modest amount of daily views and boosted your social media presence using the same content. But when it comes to counting the number of subscribers of your blog, it’s a different story altogether that is better left unsaid.

But it’s not just you. A lot of businesses and active bloggers struggle in building their email lists. The primary reason being, people are skeptical about sharing their contact information. They think either businesses would sell their information to a third party, spam them or for that matter, they might end up not getting any value from doing so.

A proven method used by successful digital businesses and bloggers to grow their email list, include content upgrades. And in this post, we’re going to discuss 10 ideas that for content upgrades that you can create even if you’re low on resources!

But first..

What are content upgrades? 

A content upgrade is like a bonus piece of information that complements a content piece that the reader has already shown interest in. This bonus information is highly valuable and sticks to the context of the content it is associated with. Think of it as a white paper on a 500 words blog post you just wrote. These are aimed at sharing knowledge with readers who want to learn more about the industry and are willing to make an interaction for the same.

content upgrades

10 easy ideas for content upgrades that won’t take up your resources

1. List of tools or personalized toolkits 

Anyone starting off with social media marketing, usually has a question for us – which tools are you making use of for Facebook and Instagram? And we realised how important toolkits are! So based on the industry your blog covers, create toolkits that would come handy to a reader. This could be a normal blog post with a content locker to reveal the entire list or a special toolkit only for those who subscribe to your blog.

2. Podcast with unique tips and secret hacks

So you don’t have a graphic designed who can create graphics or a videographer who can shoot a product review, edit and publish it on digital channels? No worries. Think of creating a podcast instead. Analyse the topics that your audience has shown interest in over time, what you can talk about in an insightful manner and then create a podcast packages on different themes. (You might have to subscribe to some, while finding the best ones!)

For example, here’s one: 10 Conversion Optimization Podcasts Every Marketer Must Listen To

3. Checklist for a common process 

Sometimes people are just looking for resources that will tell them, what this is, why you need it and a step wise approach to achieving the results it can generate. This calls for checklists. For instance, we’re working on a checklist that will help you syndicate your content better and get you maximum views on every blog post! Subscribe to our blog if you want to be notified of it. 😉

4. Related content that are definite must reads 

You can never possibly write on every little aspect of a topic that you’re covering. So why not bring in content pieces that others have written and create a package of content resources that will help a reader gain something? For instance, if we create a blog set on growth hacking – searching, shortlisting and offering you only those that come from the best in the field, you’re surely going to love us for it!

5. Reusable and editable design assets 

Remember when Canva came out and all of us went crazy designing things on it? The primary reason for all the hype were the free design assets the tool offered. They could be edited and reused as per the user’s requirements and hence, were an instant hit! So if you have worked on a template – website theme, blog theme, social media posts template, etc, feel free to turn it into a package and promote it as a content upgrade.

6. Offer a free trial of a popular tool 

While this one isn’t entirely up to you, you could work on partnering with an online tool from your niche to offer a free trial to your readers. But be sure that the tool adds value to them and can be used effectively in your industry. For instance, being in the marketing field, we could actually work on offering free trials of social media management tools.

7. A printable that makes life easy 

Believe it or not, people still love to get their hands on printable resources. For instance, a weekly social media calendar created by someone who has been managing social accounts is most certainly welcome by a lot! Think about the first time you wanted to create a calendar for something – you must have actually gone online to find a template you could easily use.

8. Swipe copy

Is there something that you wouldn’t mind your audience copying? Or is there something that could really simplify things for them if they just copied it? Well, now is the chance to turn it into a content upgrade. For instance, you must have seen how a number of businesses are willing to share the strategies they used to grow their visitors from zero to millions!

9. Audio/ Video transcripts 

Remember the times when we pestered our moms to read long chapters to us so we could ‘learn’ something for our exams? Well, this is one thing that hasn’t changed so far. People love learning from audios or visual content. So don’t hesitate from creating a short clip on what you know best. Alternatively, you could create transcripts of popular videos in your niche, to make them more understandable for your audience.

10. Worksheets that come handy 

Worksheets are always valuable. The rise of content on digital platforms only proves how information hungry the generation of today is. They no longer just want to know something that has happened; they are interested in knowing the whys and hows behind it. So create a worksheet that would help them learn something around a topic that they have previously shown interest in.



Thinking how to get started with creating content upgrades?

Exit Bee listed 10 nifty content upgrade tools on their blog a while back. You certainly want all those in your drawer before getting started! 🙂

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